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Nĭ hăo! - Visiting mainland China

Posted by Saga Arola on Jun 3, 2019 1:53:21 PM

In May 2019, our team traveled to China to meet customers, learn more, ask questions and absorb the atmosphere. All in all, the trip turned out to be very successful. Below you can have a glimpse at what we got up to.


Our first stop was Shanghai, where we spent two days. After a night on the plane with no sleep we enjoyed our first day in China by visiting our office at FinChi. We enjoyed a good luch with Zoe and Joan from the FinChi team and Lukia from OPH (Finnish National Agency for Education). Among other delicacies, we got to taste frog legs.

A dish of frog legs
Delicious frog legs.


The following day we had more meetings, and we met a wonderful lady, Ms. Tori.

Anu Guttorm and Ms. Tori
Anu and Ms. Tori with a gift from Finland - a Moomin mug.


Our next stop was Suzhou, where we met the wonderful Ms. Ingrid and Ms. Tina and visited their Nordic Treehouse kindergarten.

Nordic Treehouse kindergarten
Visiting the Nordic Treehouse kindergarten.

We also visited a shopping mall with various after school centers such as Little Gym, which our Finnish children immediately wanted to visit after seeing the pictures.

Little Gym
Inside the Little Gym.


Our next stop was Nanjing and Saint Maria Kindergarten. This was one of the most exciting meetings as we had waited for it a long time. The lovely people at Saint Maria welcomed us warmly by greeting the CEO with a light screen.

Saint Maria Kindergarten
Visiting Saint Maria Kindergarten.

We also met friends from Finland and shared a lovely dinner together by the Jianxi river with a breath-taking view.

Anu Guttorm and Sirpa Turves-Mankila
Anu with Sirpa Turves-Mankila, co-founder and the director of early education at Touhula.


Nanjing at night
Nanjing at night.

It was such a great honor to meet the very elegant and wise Ms. Tang and the very smart and warmhearted Ms. Tamara among other wonderful people.

Anu Guttorm and Ms. Tang
Anu with Ms. Tang.


Next, we traveled to Beijing. We had an honor to be invited to organize a seminar at the Finnish Ambassador’s residence where we had over 20 participants. Counsellor Mari-Anna Suurmunne kindly gave a key note speech about us and Finnish education before we started. The seminar was highly successful and we look forward to continuing the wonderful discussions.

Anu Guttorm and Mari-Anna Suurmunne
Anu with counsellor Mari-Anna Suurmunne at the residence of the Ambassador of Finland to the People’s Republic of China.

On our last night we enjoyed the famous Beijing Duck. This one was a modern version which we really loved!

Beijing duck


Side dishes
...and side dishes.

We are soon heading back to China, and we are eager to learn more about the culture and local education but also the language. One should always have a set of local survival vocabulary just in case something goes wrong. This is the ‘Survival Chinese’ that we learned during our trip:

Nĭ hăo. Pí jiǔ. Hànbǎobāo. Xièxiè. Hěn hǎo. Bǎole. Fāpiào. Xièxiè. Zàijiàn.

Translation: “Hello. Beer. Hamburger. Thank you. Very delicious. I’m full. Check. Thank you. Goodbye.” We think this is a good start, and we look forward to learning much more in the future.

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