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The Importance of Being Early

We talk a lot about the importance of learning a foreign language early, but what does that really mean, and is it...

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Moomin Language School at Clover Montessori kindergarten in Vietnam

Clover Montessori is the first kindergarten chain to use Moomin Language School in Vietnam. Our local team had an...

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Parents’ experiences – “The best interactive application”

Every now and again we ask parents whose children use Moomin Language School what they think about the...

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Tips for supporting the mother tongue

Research shows that children with strong mother tongue skills learn a foreign language faster and more easily than...

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“They couldn’t wait to start learning” – User experiences from Poland

Our global Moomin Language School family keeps on growing and we are always happy to share the experiences of our...

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Flip Your Lessons

Have you ever heard of a flipped classroom? Even if the concept is wholly new to you, we bet you have done at least...

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Meet the Team: Petra Rossi, Production Manager

Behind Moomin Language School is a team of passionate, multi-talented and pretty cool people, if we say so...

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Spaced Learning And Digital Tools

Learning and teaching are age-old phenomena, but that doesn’t mean that innovation has no place in their realm. In...

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Playvation and Moomin Language School five years old!

Today, Playvation company and Moomin Language School turns five years old! To celebrate this, we had a small office...

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Raising future superhumans

These days it is common knowledge that language learning is easier when you are a child. Additionally, early...

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