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From Tantrums to Triumphs: How Moomin Language School Fosters Resilience in Language Learning

We at Moomin Language School love to hear from the members of our global Moomin Language School family! Today we’re...

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Reading Skills in Early Foreign Language Learning

Language learning involves listening, speaking, reading, and writing in the new language. But when it comes to young...

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The Power of Language Immersion

If you have ever taught a foreign language to young learners, you have most likely noticed that traditional methods...

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Benefits of Digital Tools for Learning

Technology and digital tools have become a transformative force in education. They offer many benefits for both...

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Easy Ways to Integrate Language Games into Your Teaching

In addition to the learning application, Moomin Language School includes play-based group games and activities that you...

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Moomin Language School in Speech Therapy

Even though Moomin Language School wasn’t created as a speech therapy tool per se, we have anecdotal evidence that it...

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How Emotions Affect Learning

Have you ever wondered why some children struggle to make progress in learning a new language? It often boils down to a...

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Creating an Inspiring Learning Routine with Moomin Language School

When a new learning organization adopts Moomin Language School, one common question we get is how and when children...

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From preproduction to fluency: the 5 stages of language learning

Learning a second language helps you to communicate with more people, understand different cultures, and improve your...

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Why is play important for children's development?

As children, we all loved to play. But did you know that play is not just for fun? It is also a crucial part of a...

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