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The Importance of Being Early

We talk a lot about the importance of learning a foreign language early, but what does that really mean, and is it even...

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Research: Significant learning results with Moomin Language School

The effect of Moomin Language School on children’s English skills was studied in Tampere, Finland, during the academic...

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Master’s thesis: Supporting children’s intrinsic motivation

Moomin Language School supports children’s intrinsic motivation and the development of a positive learner self-image by...

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Let’s talk about screen time

Digital tools can have enormous benefits for learning as long as enough time is left for sleep, free play, social time...

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Measured results from Malaysia: Student performance improved

Moomin Language School has a positive effect on children’s language skills, pilot study finds.

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When is it too late to start learning a foreign language?

Children learn languages more easily than adults; this is considered common knowledge these days, and it’s one of the...

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Your bilingual brain remembers

There is a common belief that if you don’t use a language, you will forget it. However, new evidence suggests that a...

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Curiosity is the key to meaningful learning

MindShift’s article "What's going on inside the brain of a curious child" reflects on children's curiosity and how...

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Multilingualism Is the New Normal

As research in the field of early foreign language learning advances, more solutions on foreign language learning are...

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