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Research: Significant learning results with Moomin Language School

The effect of Moomin Language School on children’s English skills was studied in Tampere, Finland, during the academic...

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Connecting Play, Happiness and Learning

The Finnish school system is known all over the world, and Finnish schools have received media attention for years...

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Finland as a Worldwide Educational Leader

Finland ranks high in many comparisons. This time Finland is recognized for having the best education for the next...

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Finland’s Biggest Kindergarten Chain Embraces Language Learning

The collaboration will make early English learning available to thousands of kids in Finnish kindergartens.

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Summary of a Pilot Study Made in Cooperation with the City of Helsinki

Moomin Language School is a language learning service for children learning English or Finnish. The service includes an...

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Digitalization Requires a Language Leap

In 2015, the Finnish government launched the term ”digital leap” (digiloikka in Finnish) to denote the efforts to...

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Language Education Should Start Earlier in Schools

Children have a great ability to learn new skills, they are curious and they have a natural desire to learn new things....

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Moomin Language School Inspires Children to Talk

The Killinki daycare center in Kouvola specializes in supporting children with language support requirements and...

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Moomin Language School – Learn As You Play

Tenava-Satumetsä Kindergarten in central Finland included digital English language immersion into its early education...

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Moomin Language School Brings Digital Language Learning to Norlandia Preschools

Finnish startup brings the award-winning digital language learning service to kindergartens. The service enables...

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