Curiosity is the key to meaningful learning

What is curiosity?

MindShift’s article "What's going on inside the brain of a curious child" reflects on children's...

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Connecting play, happiness and learning

The Finnish school system is known all over the world, and Finnish schools have received media attention for years...

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Can smart devices aid language learning?

Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat (5.5.2017) published an article on a new study about smart devices being harmful...

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Nursery rhymes – foundation for language learning

Research in early childhood education proceeds all the time, giving us more knowledge on what kind of pedagogy our...

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Mother tongue is the language of emotions

Mother tongue has an important impact on our identity. It helps us develop ourselves and influences our...

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Why is mother tongue so important for language learning?

Professor Jim Cummins from the University of Toronto has written about the importance of mother tongue. Why is it so...

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