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From preproduction to fluency: the 5 stages of language learning

Learning a second language helps you to communicate with more people, understand different cultures, and improve your...

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Flip Your Lessons

Have you ever heard of a flipped classroom? Even if the concept is wholly new to you, we bet you have done at least a...

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Spaced Learning And Digital Tools

Learning and teaching are age-old phenomena, but that doesn’t mean that innovation has no place in their realm. In...

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Raising future superhumans

These days it is common knowledge that language learning is easier when you are a child. Additionally, early language...

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Curiosity is the key to meaningful learning

MindShift’s article "What's going on inside the brain of a curious child" reflects on children's curiosity and how...

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Connecting Play, Happiness and Learning

The Finnish school system is known all over the world, and Finnish schools have received media attention for years...

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Bilingual Advantage in Speaker Recognition

Bilingual children are better at identifying speakers based on their speech than monolingual children, a new study...

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Napping Helps Children Learn Languages

The University of Arizona (USA) published a research in January 2017 about how napping can help children learn...

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Can Smart Devices Aid Language Learning?

Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat (May 5, 2017) published an article on a new study about smart devices being harmful...

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