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Playvation and Moomin Language School five years old!

Today, Playvation company and Moomin Language School turns five years old! To celebrate this, we had a small office...

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Norlandia, Lenovo and Playvation in co-operation in Poland

Moomin Language School has been in use in Norlandia kindergartens in Finland since 2016. Now the kindergarten chain and...

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Playvation enters Morocco

The Benabdallah Private School Group in Marrakech, Morocco has started a collaboration with Playvation to offer Moomin...

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Playvation signs its first notable agreement in China

The prestigious Saint Maria Parent-Child kindergarten chain starts using Moomin Language School, the professional early...

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Moomin Language School enters the Gulf area with Kipinä Kids

The international kindergarten chain adopts Moomin Language School to teach English to children in the Gulf area. 

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Quality certificate granted to Moomin Language School

In their report, Kokoa Standard deemed Moomin Language School universally applicable and its visuals stunning.

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Finland as a Worldwide Educational Leader

Finland ranks high in many comparisons. This time Finland is recognized for having the best education for the next...

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Finland’s Biggest Kindergarten Chain Embraces Language Learning

The collaboration will make early English learning available to thousands of kids in Finnish kindergartens.

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Moomin Language School Brings Digital Language Learning to Norlandia Preschools

Finnish startup brings the award-winning digital language learning service to kindergartens. The service enables...

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