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English to the beat of the drums – Experiences of playful lessons in Ågeli

In their previous blog post, Pia Staff ja Mia Julin-Lumio from Day care Ågeli explained how Moomin Language School...

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Songs, Games and Multilingualism – Moomin Language School at Day Care Ågeli

Moomin Language School has helped in making diversity and differences between people part of the everyday life at...

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Moomin Language School in Malaysia

Our next piece of international news comes from Malaysia, where Moomin Language School has been in use in the...

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Zero-to-Hero: Moomin Language School in Thailand

Based on the famous Finnish Early Childhood Education concept, the Zero-to-Hero Program helps over 200 local...

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Moomin Language School in South Korea

Experiences of an English teacher

Moomin Language School is increasingly used outside of Finland. For example, South...

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Summary of a pilot study made in cooperation with the City of Helsinki

Moomin Language School is a language learning service for children learning English or Finnish. The service includes...

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Daily language learning at home – Is it possible?

100 families took part in our Moomin Language School Home Pilot last spring – which we have written about earlier....

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Parent's Experiences - "A great way to learn languages"

At the moment Moomin Language School is used mainly in kindergartens and schools. However, we...

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Greetings from Educa!

Moomin Language School took part in the Educa education event in Helsinki on the 27th and 28th of January. On...

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Parents' experiences - "Vocabulary has increased surprisingly fast"

Today, parents think a lot about multilingualism and the future of their children as a part of the global society....

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