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Finland as a worldwide educational leader

Posted by Saga Arola on Oct 22, 2017 6:07:47 PM

Finland ranks high in many comparisons. This time Finland is recognized for having the best education for the next generation and for being the most sustainable country in the whole world!

Among the best in next generation education

Finland has been ranked high in every category of the first Worldwide Educating for the Future Index. The index evaluates how the education system of today prepares students for the changing world. 

“The world no longer cares about what students know, but what they can do with what they know,” says Tony Wagner of Harvard University, and that is exactly what Finnish education system is all about. Finland was ranked third in the overall ranking; however, the country is the leader of socio-economic environment. Finland prepares its students for a fast-changing world where knowledge and language skills are the key to a successful future. Finland is a clear leader when it comes to having a project-based learning focus in its assessment frameworks.

More information here.

World's most sustainable country

The Fund for Peace is an organization that produces research on conflicts. One of their research projects is the Fragile State Index (FSI) which is a critical tool in identifying countries that are pressured. The results of the FSI make political risk assessment and early warning of conflict accessible to policy-makers and the public at large.

In their annual report for 2017, The Fund for Peace ranked Finland as the world's most sustainable country. Overall, there were 178 countries involved in the comparison. The ranking is based on different pressures that all countries face and that impact their level of fragility.

Our Nordic neighbors are also doing well in the FSI analysis. Norway is ranked as number two, while Denmark and Sweden are ranked as fourth and fifth. We are proud to be on top of this list with our Scandinavian neighbours.

More information here (in Finnish).

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