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FORTE Childcare adopts Moomin Language School in the Netherlands

Posted by Saga Arola on Jan 18, 2023 12:58:41 PM

FORTE Childcare, a long-standing childcare organization with over 50 locations in the Netherlands, has chosen Moomin Language School to introduce English to their 3-4-year-olds. 


Preparing children for the future


FORTE encourages children to be the best they can be, to prepare themselves for the future and to reach their full potential ‒ which they can do with courage in today’s challenging world. FORTE embraces English learning with Moomin Language School to further support the children in their care.

“As an organization, we think it’s important that our children learn a second language in their early years, since we are living in such a fast-changing world. Plus, children at this age pick up a second language very easily, so it’s the perfect timing,” says location manager Corina van Diepen.

Moomin Language School is a research-based edtech solution that combines digital learning games with play-based group activities. Moomin Language School provides plenty of audio material by native speakers and pedagogical support and tips for educators.

FORTE chose Moomin Language School for its flexibility and ease of use as well as the learning results. “The children pick up the vocabulary easily and it’s easy to see the progress that they make. Our employees also like the program and find it easy to do,” says van Diepen, who was actively involved in the decision to adopt Moomin Language School.

FORTE uses Moomin Language School at three large childcare locations with their 3-4-year-olds to offer them additional development opportunities. The children will use the learning application throughout the day, and the group leaders will organize the playful group activities in the afternoons when the younger children are taking a nap. If successfully implemented, Forte has the ambition to unroll the English learning at all locations in the near future.


Contact details


For Playvation - Anu Guttorm, CEO (, +358 40 7463 810) 

For Forte - Corina van Diepen, location manager (, +316 1949 3584)


About Playvation 


Playvation Ltd is a Finnish EdTech company designing high-quality language learning solutions for early education institutions. Their flagship product is Moomin Language School, a playful, research-based, digital language learning service. It has already captured the hearts and minds of tens of thousands of children, parents and teachers around the globe.


About FORTE Childcare


Since 1969, Forte has provided childcare in North Holland, and today has nearly 400 committed, expert staff, caring for approximately 3,000 children every week in daycare centers, before/after-school programs and special centers for toddlers in 15 cities.


Moomin Language School is a play-based early language learning program for learning organizations. Would you like to try it out for yourself? Apply for a free trial month here:

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