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From Tantrums to Triumphs: How Moomin Language School Fosters Resilience in Language Learning

Posted by Saga Arola on May 29, 2024 12:05:13 PM

We at Moomin Language School love to hear from the members of our global Moomin Language School family! Today we’re excited to share the feedback of Nathaly Arvidsson, an English, French and Spanish teacher living in Kumla, Sweden. 


A Whole Package – “Everything Is There”

As a teacher, Arvidsson pays a lot of attention to how the curriculum is constructed in Moomin Language School.


“I love that it starts with the basic things that are more familiar to the children and then it spans, increasing vocabulary,” she says. “And children continue to use the things they have learned throughout the units. They don’t just finish one topic and then jump to a new one and forget what they have learned, which I have noticed happens a lot. In Moomin Language School, everything is linked through the learning process. It’s like a tree where the roots get stronger over time and the branches flourish as the child learns little by little.”


According to Arvidsson, the application works well for children of different ages. “It doesn’t matter that my oldest is six and my youngest is only three, they both enjoy the application a lot,” Arvidsson says.


Arvidsson believes that the program is a great help to educators. “Moomin Language School is the whole package, everything is there. The application teaches children a lot, and it comes with flashcards and other materials,” she says.


Limited Playtime Teaches Patience and Resilience

For Arvidsson, one of the best features of the application is the limited play time. Each child has a daily play time of 5, 10, or 15 minutes, after which the child’s chosen Moomin character waves them goodbye until the next day.


“I love that the application has this short, perfect time to learn something new and practice it, and then children can move on to other things,” says Arvidsson. “It’s a really nice way to teach children how to stop and to wait for something they like.”


Arvidsson sees the time limit as a great help for parents and educators in managing children’s screen time while helping children practice patience and resilience.


“Children at this age struggle with their emotions and how to deal with disappointments,” Arvidsson explains. “At the beginning, my youngest would throw a tantrum when her play time was over. But then I would explain to her that tomorrow she gets to play again. It has created a lot of resilience and patience.”


Pronunciation – Building Confidence Through Repetition

Another feature which Arvidsson is excited about is the language lab. “I really love that the kids get to record their voices to practice their pronunciation, and to listen to themselves and compare it with the pronunciation model. Sometimes it’s hard to give children feedback on their pronunciation because you don’t want to hurt their feelings or discourage them. But the app makes it easier for me,” Arvidsson says.



The language lab helps children practice their pronunciation in a fun way.


According to Arvidsson, the language lab activity also encourages children to try again and not give up. “When my youngest records her speech and it doesn’t sound the same as the model, she tries again. She tries as many times as she wants to, and then she gets through it. And my youngest is a strong-willed kid! So the fact that she can try again and not give up or get upset, I love it.”


“Foreign sounds are hard at the beginning, but then they try again, and they get to test themselves, and over time it starts sounding natural. My youngest is now doing the intonation and everything, and she pronounces better than me,” Arvidsson smiles.


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