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Language learning at Mumin Kaffe

Posted by Saga Arola on Aug 16, 2017 2:11:54 PM

Mumin Kaffe and Moomin Language School are on a mission to improve children’s lives. Both share the interest in children’s development and wellbeing, and they are working towards making child-friendly world a reality.

The Mumin Kaffe café chain fills children’s tummies, but also stimulates their minds by encouraging them to play in its cafés. Moomin Language School, on the other hand, encourages children to learn a new language in the way most natural to them: through play. Speaking multiple languages is a gift that should be encouraged and supported. A shared language connects people, aids social development and curbs alienation. Even mathematical thinking is enhanced when children get the chance to learn a new language at an early age.

Mumin Kaffe lets children be seen and heard, while Moomin Language School helps children become multilingual masterminds. The positive effects of these opportunities have far-reaching consequences – and all of this is done on the child’s own terms.

More information about Mumin Kaffe
Marketing manager: Marjut Ruusuvaara / / gsm 040 7707676

More information about Moomin Language School
Marketing manager: Tii Pylvänäinen / / gsm. 050 3584190[:]

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