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Measured results from Malaysia: Student performance improved

Posted by Saga Arola on Jan 4, 2019 9:28:20 AM

Moomin Language School has a positive effect on children’s language skills, pilot study finds.

Good news hail from Selama, Malaysia, where a Moomin Language School pilot project has been ongoing for a year. The children have both used the learning application and taken part in the playful lessons.

During the SK Sri Selama Pilot project, the state of Perak carried out a case study regarding the learning results. The progress of two groups were followed: one group used Moomin Language School, and the other – a reference group – used a traditional textbook-based method for learning English. The groups were tested in March, May, and November, and the results were compared.

Malaysian children using the Moomin Language School learning application
Moomin Language School was seen as an easily adoptable service that enhances children’s learning results and confidence while adhering to the national curriculum.

Both groups made progress in their language skills, but the results show students using Moomin Language School consistently outperforming the reference group. The service was noted to have a positive effect on children’s English language skills, and increasing children’s confidence in using the new language. Additionally, Moomin Language School was said to be easy to adopt, and it was seen as being in line with the goals of the national curriculum regarding English language learning.


Results of the case study.
On average, children who used Moomin Language School to learn English got 18% more correct answers in the tests.

The summary of the case study can be found here.

Moomin Language School is represented in Malaysia by Finnish Education Solutions

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