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Moomin Language School in South Korea

Posted by Saga Arola on Feb 19, 2018 3:32:46 PM

Moomin Language School is increasingly used outside of Finland. For example, South Korean English teacher Sunny Lee has been using the service as a part of her teaching since last autumn. Read below what she has to say about the service. Check out also the video at the end of this post, in which Ms. Lee’s adorable daughter uses the Moomin Language School learning application!

Children playing with picture cards
Children are playing with picture cards.

We have been learning English now for more than 2 months using the Moomin Language School curriculum and application here in South Korea. The lessons are easy and fun to follow both as a student and as a teacher. The Moomin Language School program is full of fun and simple songs and activities.

Children playing with picture cards
The activities include physical games as well.

Same activities are repeated, but most of them are made based on the TPR (Total Physical Response) approach. That's why my students like the Moomin Language School program. Sometimes children argue while playing games. However, it helps them learn how to cooperate with their peers and to be nice to each other.

A child engaging in language learning activities
Ms. Lee uses Moomin Language School as a part of her English teaching.

The Moomin Language School program is based on a current Finnish education philosophy, Creative Thinking. It encourages learner autonomy that results in good learning outcomes. In addition, it is interesting and useful to learn target vocabulary every day, only for 10-15 minutes, using the Moomin Language School application. This is another thing that I like about the Moomin Language School program!

This is how digital language immersion works at its best. By the way, did you notice the little brother repeating the words in the background!

This blog post was first published in Ms. Lee's own blog (in Korean). We will continue to follow the children's progress in South Korea. Stay tuned!

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