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Moomin Language School enters the Gulf area with Kipinä Kids

Posted by Saga Arola on Sep 18, 2018 11:51:43 AM

The international kindergarten chain adopts Moomin Language School to teach English to children in the Gulf area. 

Quest Education Licensing Ltd. provides a fast-growing franchise chain located in several countries in the MENA area, and it is expanding into SE Asia this year. The franchise uses the brand name Kipinä Kids, taken from the Finnish word for “spark”, as they feature a proprietary globalized Finnish curriculum that they have adapted to include numeracy and literacy skills required by younger children outside Finland. Kipinä Kids has been successfully piloting Moomin Language School in their kindergartens in spring 2018. The service has been used to teach English to non-native children, as well as to strengthen the skills of English-speaking children. 

The cooperation between Kipinä Kids and Moomin Language School comes as language skills are increasingly sought after, and the value of early language learning is being more widely recognized. Kipinä Kids was seeking solutions that enable effective, yet engaging and safe language learning for young children, and they were very impressed with Moomin Language School, as it offers a research-based method and high-quality educational content. As Kipinä Kids’ academic director Jeannine Laubner explains: “Many of our children are native English speakers, and we still see the value in using the program with them to build vocabulary, extend the themes, increase executive functioning skills, and use technology to enhance fine motor skills.” 

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Moomin Language School:
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Contact information:

Anu Guttorm, CEO 

Playvation Ltd. / Moomin Language School, +358407463810  

Jeannine Laubner, Academic Director
Quest Eduation Licensing Ltd. / Kipinä Kids, +971 551083188

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