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Finland’s biggest kindergarten chain embraces language learning

Posted by Saga Arola on Oct 17, 2017 10:12:58 AM

The collaboration will make early English learning available to thousands of kids in Finnish kindergartens.

Language skills are essential in a global world, and as the biggest kindergarten chain in Finland, Touhula is committed to providing its little pupils with the best possible tools for their future. Moomin Language School is a digital language learning service especially designed to be intergrated into the kindergartens’ daily routines. It combines small doses of active language learning on a mobile application with playful group activities, providing a safe platform for boosting the children’s digital skills along with their language and communication skills.

Moomin Language School will be launched in the Touhula kindergartens over the fall semester. The children will spend 5-15 minutes per day learning individually with the application’s age-appropriate, fun, and comprehensive learning path designed by language learning experts. Progress reports are available to parents and teachers in real time. In addition to the application, the service includes Moomin Language School’s Playful Lessons, which complement the curriculum and encourage the children to use English to communicate with each other.

The collaboration is in line with Finland’s new national early learning plan, which came in effect this fall and specifically includes early language learning, language immersion and bilingualism. Moomin Language School has been at the forefront of edtech solving these issues in Finland for two years, combining the know-how of Finnish early education with the latest technological advancements and the values of beloved Moomins. The collaboration with Touhula multiplies the number of children learning with the service, and there are plans to expand to international markets as well.

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Contact info:

Anu Guttorm, CEO
Playvation Ltd./Moomin Language School
+358 40 746 3810

Virpi Holmqvist, CEO
Touhula Kindergartens
+358 40 537 6133

Tiina Nurmela, Marketing and communications manager
Touhula Kindergartens
+358 50 362 1370

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