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“A Great Way to Learn Languages”

Posted by Saga Arola on Aug 20, 2017 12:03:15 PM

At the moment Moomin Language School is used mainly in kindergartens and schools. However, we are constantly developing our product and in the future it could be possible to use Moomin Language School at home. We have a lot of interested families that have taken part in the Moomin Language School Home Pilot, where families have been given the opportunity to use Moomin Language School at home in their daily life. One of the participating families is Jaakko Forsell and his son. Below, Jaakko discusses his experiences of the Moomin Language School Home Pilot.

Why did you want to take part in the Moomin Language School Home Pilot and how has the application worked as a part of your daily life?

We took part in the Moomin Language School Home Pilot because my son (Otso, 6 years) has a strong interest and will to learn foreign languages. The application is well suited to our home environment and it is very easy to use. Even our two-year-old has been using the application.

How long have you participated in the MoominLS Home Pilot and what are your thoughts regarding the service?

We have been participating in the pilot for almost half a year, since the pilot started. My thoughts about the service are positive. My son has understood that you can use the tablet for other things than just entertainment.

Is language learning noticeable at your home?

My son already speaks Finnish and Swedish. Learning English is present when he wonders how you would say a Finnish or Swedish word or sentence in English.

Would you recommend the Moomin Language School service for other parents?

Yes, definitely! Digital services are a great way to learn languages.


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