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Parents’ experiences – “The best interactive application”

Posted by Saga Arola on Jun 16, 2021 12:00:00 PM

Every now and again we ask parents whose children use Moomin Language School what they think about the service. Below you can read what Helen* had to say. Her 7-year-old son has used Moomin Language School in Finland for 6 months to learn Finnish and is now transitioning from preschool to primary school. 


What thoughts did you have of Moomin Language School before using the service? Have your thoughts changed since?  

At first, I was a bit sceptical because the learning application is used only for a maximum of 15 minutes a day. Now I think it is the best interactive application, and I agree with the 15-minute time limit. It correlates with the time children this age can concentrate so their learning is maximized. My son likes the application very much and he is eager to do his lessons each day. 


Do you notice your child’s new language skills at home? 

Yes, now he will speak a few words or try to tell us what something is called in Finnish. He can also speak short sentences with our neighbors and communicate with them which he was reluctant to do earlier. Moomin Language School has helped him in learning vocabulary and sentence formation, and it has boosted his confidence. 


What are your thoughts on language learning and multilingualism? 

Learning or knowing a new language allows you to communicate easier. Since we live in Finland, learning Finnish will help my son to make new friends. 


What would you like to say to parents who are considering taking part in Moomin Language School? 

It's a simple but effective way for children to learn a new language. Your child doesn’t need to sit for an hour or so each day but just max 15 minutes and you will notice him/her picking up the new words. Taking 10-15 minutes each day is easy and not stressful for children. 


*The name has been changed at the parent’s request. 


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