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Quality certificate granted to Moomin Language School

Posted by Saga Arola on Jun 12, 2018 11:18:03 AM

In their report, Kokoa Standard deemed Moomin Language School universally applicable and its visuals stunning.

Kokoa Standard, a Finnish Edtech quality verification service, has evaluated and certified Moomin Language School for its high educational quality. Kokoa Standard’s evaluation “measures the solution’s educational quality and finds out how effectively it supports learning”. Their evaluation method is based on educational psychology and developed in collaboration with Finnish university researchers. Kokoa evaluated Moomin Language School against Kokoa’s own syllabus and the UK national curriculum in terms of foreign language learning.

Holistic language learning in a safe environment

According to Kokoa, Moomin Language School supports active learning and provides an “interactive, but consistent learning experience” while supporting “holistic language learning”. The service is “a safe environment” that gives children a “soft introduction” to foreign language with “a very large amount of exercises on a vast variety of relevant and concrete topics and themes” and “plenty of encouraging feedback.” At the same time, it provides “accurately predictable learning outcomes” that help teachers and parents schedule and plan learning effectively.

The evaluators saw the service as universally applicable, as “the characters on the application are diverse, and the vocabulary and the sentences describe words which are common in many parts of the world.” They deemed the audiovisual experience “pleasant and colorful”, and the Moomin animations “stunning”.

Fostering independence and 21st century skills

The evaluators noted that although the application is mainly used autonomously, some of its features encourage collaboration among children while the playful lessons support group activities. As they wrote in their report:

"The application is for individual use, but it also promotes sharing and doing things together - when the child's playtime is over, the application takes the user to the player menu, where the next child can start playing. The interface is designed in a way that switching the player can happen without adult supervision, so the kids can manage their play turns independently."

The evaluators also noted that in addition to a foreign language, the service aims to teach a plethora of other skills, such as social and cognitive skills, cross-disciplinary and critical thinking, problem solving, cross-cultural awareness, global thinking, and ICT literacy.

Kokoa Certificate for Moomin Language School
Kokoa's Quality Certificate for Moomin Language School


You can read more about the evaluation on Kokoa's webpage.

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