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Meet the Team: Junaid Ali, our new game developer

Sanna Kemi
Posted by Sanna Kemi on Sep 11, 2020 2:35:18 PM

Behind Moomin Language School is a team of passionate, multi-talented and pretty cool people, if we say so ourselves! This post opens a series that peeks behind the curtain and lets you meet some of our key players. 

Today we wholeheartedly welcome Junaid, our newest member! You might recall that some time ago we were looking for a Unity and full stack developer to join our tech team. Today we are happy to announce that we found the perfect match!

Junaid is a professional Unity and game developer. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences in Pakistan and a Master’s degree in Information Technology from the University of Eastern Finland.

He has been working in game development and engineering since 2014. In 2018-19 he worked as a research assistant at the University of Eastern Finland in projects related to augmented reality/virtual reality games and simulations. 

We at Playvation work very hard to improve our learning application to be the best in the world, and Junaid will be a valuable asset to the team!

We asked Junaid a few questions to get to know him a little bit better!


Hi Junaid, can you tell us what your role is at Playvation?

My title at Playvation is ‘Game Developer’, and my job is to develop and maintain Moomin Language School’s digital language learning application. I'm responsible for developing the digital language learning and teaching service and skills assessment, including the design and implementation of the methodologies and materials used in them.


What do you like the most in your line of work?

Coding and solving problems keep me going; I have been enthusiastic about programming and problem-solving since I was a teenager. Also, I feel that developing a language learning service for children is a way to give back to the community. It’s a big driving force and a source of motivation for me.


What do you like to do in your free time?

I do a variety of things in my free time, like reading books, cooking extra spicy foods and playing soccer. I also started to learn how to play the guitar recently. I must say that I have a huge passion for heavy metal music. That’s why I chose Finland as my destination for higher education and eventually work. Actually, I already decided that when I was thirteen, when I first listened to Nightwish. Sounds ambitious, right? I’m a product of Asian parenting!


Now for something different! If you were a Moomin character, which character would you be, and why?

The Groke, without a doubt. Not that I want to freeze everything by leaving a trace of ice and snow when I walk on the ground. I first heard of the Groke during the ice hockey world championship that was held in Slovakia last year. A friend of mine invited me to a bar in Joensuu, Finland, to watch the game between Finland and Sweden. Marko Anttila, commonly known as the Groke, scored the decisive goal against Sweden in the game. That’s why I relate to the character.


Thank you, Junaid, and welcome to the team!



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