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“They couldn’t wait to start learning” – User experiences from Poland

Posted by Saga Arola on Mar 18, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Our global Moomin Language School family keeps on growing and we are always happy to share the experiences of our clients from all over the world! This time we will hear from Filip, who runs a preschool in Miechów, Poland.


Learning in the time of Corona


I have been teaching English for the last 17 years, first to primary and secondary school students and then to younger children starting about five years ago. In our preschool I teach English together with my colleague Joanna.


In the early autumn of 2020, I was skimming through web pages and looking for new ways to teach English to children when, accidentally, I found a Polish kindergarten which was using Moomin Language School for that purpose. Without hesitation, I signed up for a trial of the service and that is how my adventure with Moomin Language School began.


We started working with Moomin Language School in November 2020 despite some difficulties; our kindergarten had to be closed twice because of Covid-19. The children couldn’t wait to get the tablets and to start learning and playing with the application. Unfortunately, we only had two tablets during our first week, so only two children could play at a time, and had to take turns in pairs.


At first, each pair had 10 minutes of play time, but it proved to be too little, and the children were soon begging for more. They had absolutely no problems working with the application, which is very intuitive and easy to operate.


Children learn English during a Moomin Language School playful lesson.In addition to the application, children learn in a group during the playful real-time classes.


Happy kids, happy parents


Parents were enthusiastic when we informed them that we were introducing a new method of learning English based on Finnish education principles and the flipped learning model. They hadn’t heard about Moomin Language School before and were eager to see how it works in practice.


After the first week of working with the application, we asked some of the parents for their thoughts. They told us that their children like the application very much and keep asking when they get the next possibility to learn. They also noticed that their children were repeating the newly learned words at home.


All in all, we are really lucky to be able to work with the Moomin Language School program. Our little students enjoy playing with the application and learning during the real-time classes!



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